The Greatness of GITEX Global 2022 and life hacks for taking maximum from networking at tech conferences

GITEX 2022, Dubai


Aleksandra Boguslavskaya, CEO/Founder Data Science UA on GITEX Global 2022
GITEX 2022, Dubai



  • My first recommendation is to spend the conference time only on the conference. Reschedule/cancel all non-conference work meetings, calls and questions. Networking and the constant flow of information require a lot of energy and focus.
  • Acquaint yourself with the conference before your arrival. Get to know the participants and communicate on your social networks that you will be at the conference, so you can create a list of people you want to meet in order of priority in advance. I usually create a long list and a short list of meetings.
  • Think about getting to the venue of the event before it starts. You need to think about this in advance. When 100,000 people go to one place, traffic jams reach their maximum: 10 out of 10. You can spend a lot of time standing in them. It is better to arrive earlier.
  • Bring water, charge all your gadgets, and bring your business cards in case your phone goes dead.
  • After arriving at the conference, try to go around the location as much as possible on the first day in order to better navigate the place and have an idea of ​​the location.
  • The most important thing after the conference is to connect with all the people you talked to. Add to LinkedIn and write a message to everyone, already creating an additional personal connection.
  • After busy days filled with constan tmeetings, be sure to give yourself time to recover and plan a rest for at least 1–2 days in silence.
  • Attending such conferences can help you build connections with potential partners, and it’s also a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and trends. I wish you great networking and useful acquaintances! Take the maximum and a little more from the conferences.



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